Who we are and what we do.

"We help companies free time, improve customer knowledge and increase sales"

Sammanträde, Zync Ansikten

Through a set of proven methods, services and tools we help our customers improve, simplify and streamline their sales, marketing and customer service operations. Depending on needs and requirements we develop or modify processes, organization, tools and IT-systems and help our customers through the changes needed in both behavior and organization.

There are various challenges around CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and needs differs between industries, cultures and organizations. We have extensive experience in helping small and large, Swedish and international customers  improving their structure and strategies around these areas.  Our mission is to take advantage of the knowledge and experience that exists at our customers and set objectives that lead to increased productivity and growth and to the reaching of the company’s overall goals. With the help of our experience, methods and tools and a close co-operation with our customers we create the best conditions for success. 

We are sales and marketing consultants with a focus on tactical and strategic issues. We help our customers save time, improve knowledge and increase sales. Our services combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps create a better, more efficient and customer orientated organization.

Read more in our document "CRM - a sucessful business strategy" a guide for anyone who is considering implementing a CRM systems, developing or improving a sales process or building a common company culture in the customer facing parts of your organization. The document is built on our experiences from organizational changes, process development and implementations of CRM systems.

We have worked with this since the early 90:ies and have been involved in approximately 300 improvement projects within a number of different companies and industries. Everybody who works at Zync has solid experience from both small and large sales organizations  and we can quickly identify what we can do to help you reach your targets and objectives.

Zync is Microsoft’s leading CRM partner in Sweden and we have offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Kalmar.

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